Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anecdotes from a working cookbook ...

Here’s a funny anecdote and conversation that happened recently when we were purchasing fresh Heirloom Tomatoes from our local purveyor …Why do we love food?  Because an Heirloom Tomato is not like any other Tomato … that’s why!

Darnel (the vegetable delivery guy)
“Well I don’t know chef...these tomatoes they sent look so bad I’m not even going to bring’em in, and they charged you $59 a box, that’s crazy. Let me call the office and see what the deal is.”
Chef: “Bring them in and let me take a look at them before you call”
(Brings in tomatoes)
Chef: “Darnel, these are Heirloom Tomatoes and they look like that on purpose.  Do you know what an Heirloom Tomato is?”
Darnel: “No Chef”
Chef: “It’s an ugly, knobby, misshapen, variegated tomato. A tomato that only a tomato mother could love, but it tastes like no tomato you have ever tasted before. It’s what a tomato aspires to be. They are grown from seed stock that has been un-fiddled with, non-GMO if you know what I mea. Here, taste it.”
Darnel: “Mmmmm... yeah...I see what you mean!”
Chef: “What you thought was bad is really good.  As far as the price is concerned... they need to drop $1 per pound and I won’t make you bring em’ back.”(Darnel Calls)
Darnel: “Okay Chef...the office said that’s fine. Thanks for the lesson.”

Sometimes when you want something that is a little unusual or special, you may need to educate even the grocery or produce manager about the products you want; ask, investigate, ask again and if all else fails try pleading with them to procure the freshest products available.  You must be willing to uphold your quality standards, even if it means changing to something else. We do …and we know better … we got what we wanted.

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