Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is a recipe?

Anecdotes from a cookbook in progress ....
“Will you share that recipe?
      No, make your own recipe!  Or, okay, sure, I will email it to you.  But when I give in almost always I get a return email or conversations that goes something like this; “I made that recipe but it didn’t turn out right. Did you leave something out?”  Yeah, I gave you a recipe that did not have all the ingredients in it, or better, I changed the quantities of the ingredients so yours would turn out bad! 
      If you’re not insane or confused by the craziness of what’s being sold to you day in and day out by the self proclaimed marketing geniuses then you might, I say, might be able to get this!  And actually I know some very insane people who live by another set of rules and senses but they still get it.  Even the DIY channel can attest.  It isn’t about the recipe!  What’s a recipe anyway?  Isn’t it just a template, a beginning, the origin from which things are created?  A recipe is a place, a starting point for idea forming or a spot that allows an idea to develop in a form to create a certain flavor … or characteristic.  I have been cooking forever, it seems all my life.  Cooking food, cooking up love, cooking something!  Why’s this important?  Because it is!  And the quicker you get it the easier your life cooking will be, and perhaps your life in general.  This isn’t a self help book, okay well maybe it is, but really … I mean really, it is about you and what you want things to be, to taste like, to develop into.  We are all so afraid, it’s breed into us that failing is bad.  Failing is not bad ... if you get over that then you will progress happily in cooking and I bet life!

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